A colorful comic book-style illustration depicting a media interview on the steps of a courthouse. The scene features two men in business attire, one with brown hair and the other with blue eyes, standing in the foreground. The brown-haired man is being interviewed, holding a microphone while facing multiple news cameras. Behind them, a crowd of people lines up to enter the building. The artwork emphasizes the characters' facial expressions and body language, using clear lines and bright colors reminiscent of comic book art. The illustration captures the moment of media attention, likely focusing on the man's ecofriendly company's success.

Exposed: The Risks and Truth Behind DIY Home Inspections

As a licensed home inspector in North Carolina, I’ve seen my fair share of well-intentioned homeowners and homebuyers who have fallen into the trap of attempting DIY home inspections. While it might seem like a cost-effective solution at first glance, the truth is that DIY home inspections come with a host of hidden risks that […]

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